Bounty List

What is it?

A place to find a list of players names who are hostile to NMG. Either because they commited crime against us or were conspicuous negatively elsewhere. You can claim bounties of suspects on this list. If so you won't be charged for committing crime for the good of the company.

How to claim bounties?

You can claim bounties by sending evidence of killing the suspect in video format A bounty can only be claimed once. Afterwards the suspect will stay on this list without a direct bounty to claim. Simply contact us by using our contact form at https://nydoo.org/contact and send us context + videos links to validate the kill.

How can I suggest players for an entry on the bounty list?

Only members and affiliates are allowed to suggest players for this list. You will need to provide evidence of this action (screenshot, chat logs, etc.). Further the suspect has either needed to have attracted negative attention in more then one case or 3+ witnesses have to be available.

Open bounties

RSI Profile Image GummiBearZz
RSI Profile Image MAD_NATE
RSI Profile Image GndmVpe
RSI Profile Image Bard7274

Claimed bounties

RSI Profile Image Redstriker254
RSI Profile Image Zeus-X