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Some words about us:

The Star Citizen organisation NEXD Gaming was founded in 2952 (α 3.17.1) consists of 6 different divisions. We specialize in mining, refining and logistics of resources of the legal kind. For protection our Combat Assistance is ready for intervention at any time.
We have made it our goal to become one of the leading providers of refined resources throughout the verse.
In order to achieve this it is unavoidable to have a well-structured company.

Since Star Citizen still is in alpha phase we strictly separate between pre-release (alpha) and post-release-ish (beta +) phases. As of now there are essential features missing within the game so our main priority is entertaining players and establishing a strong NMG-community.

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Check out our ranks & roles!

We have multiple ranks players can achieve. Each and every rank has it's own requirements and benefits.

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How you'd start at NMG:

Buddy system:

We at NMG make use of a so called "buddy system". This essentially is a concept for new members who get an internal assigned as their mentor.
We wish new members to be introduced to the company slow but steady and wish them not to be overwhelmed by information.
Buddys keep a steady eye on their mentees and help them out in any situation. May it be by protecting them in-game or just having a friendly ear.
We have specialized internal members who will help you with all the aspects of Star Citizen you want to dive into deeper.
NMG management sees the strength of the company in the skill and education of the individual.

We will always make sure you get the training you deserve!

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